Privilege of tough men! Combination of extreme heavy athletics disciplines. This all represents STRONGMAN. And we will help you to become even stronger STRONGMAN.
Work-out equipment and machines Fitnema are tested under the most demanding conditions. Your work-out training will be enhanced and moved up to the next level.
Do you lift, pull or move all possible or impossible types of burdens? Do you pull vehicles?  Do you do triathlon exercise such as squats, bench press and dead pull? If you try to do any of these, pulling cars or lift hundred kilos on your shoulders, or carrying beams, sports equipment of the serie Fitnema STRONGMAN can provide you with the best and effective physical preparation.

Viking Press


Extreme loading. Wide varieties of set-up angles and heights. Great variability. This all is represented by Viking Press.
Thanks to its dual hold you can support growth of very strong muscles of your shoulder and back area. Users´ satisfaction is guaranteed. You won´t stop using it.

1500 mm × 9100 mm × 1750 mm (l × w × h)
Farmářská chůze


Fitnema Farmer’s Walk Grip is a steel shell which allows, thanks to its high quality construction, to carry on one weight load up to 160 kilos. Its weight is 35 kg.
It is designed specifically for the competition STRONGMAN, but except competitors it is very popular with other sportsmen who seek for very demanding work-out training.

1000 mm × 220 mm × 500 mm (l × w × h)
Farmářská chůze - economy


This is a simplified version of training equipment Farmer´s Walk which is less economically demanding and therefore affordable for a greater number of the persons concerned.
Weight of cases in this version is 10 kilos and it is suitable even for women.

1300 mm × 80 mm × 300 mm (l × w × h)
Strongman Log


Fitness product Strongman Log is primarily designed for competition discipline Strongman Log Lift, however it has become so popular that it gets used even for standard work-out and functional training in gyms.
The ends of Strongman Log are equipped with a standard axis which can be used for adding extra weights. The axis is suitable for weight-plates with inner diameter of 52 mm.

Strongman Log 30 kg | 2000 mm × 180 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 40 kg | 2000 mm × 180 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 50 kg | 2200 mm × 220 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 60 kg | 2200 mm × 320 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 70 kg | 2200 mm × 300 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 80 kg | 2200 mm × 320 mm (l × diameter)
Strongman Log 90 kg +| 2200 mm × 350 mm (l × diameter)
Nakládací činka


The basic weight of this wonderful dumbbell is 45 kilos. Its weight may be gradually increased by loading more weight-plates of a standard size.
At request the weight might be covered with rubber surface.
One-hand loading weight has been originally designed at Jiří Tkadlčík´s request. Based on his outstanding feedback and increasing demand we have decided to have this weight in our standard offer. So, it may be even yours.

Loading weights 45 kg | 460 mm × 324 mm (l × diameter)
Super Yoke


Fitnema Super Yoke is used for competition discipline Strongman Yoke Run.
Basically, it combines a product Farmer’s Walk Grip and a frame with adjustable height. Total weight is 150 kilos.
A great benefit of this equipment is its practical variability— after dismantling it gets separated and might be used as a equipment for Farmer´s Walk and another work-out equipment.

The following combinations are possible Super Yoke:

  • 2 in 1 Super Yoke + Farmer´s Walk
  • 3 in 1 Super Yoke + Farmer´s Walk + Frame Carry
  • 4 in 1 Super Yoke + Farmer´s Walk + Frame Carry + Squat rack
1000 mm × 1400 mm × 2100 mm (l × w × h)

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