Powerlifting is power triathlon with three disciplines— squat, bench press and dead pull.
Fitness equipment Fitnema is used for official sport competition of power triathlon.
Therefore, we are delighted to offer this equipment Fitnema Powerlifting to not only fitness centers owners but also to those who are exercising in their private gyms or even garages. Everybody gets a chance to use high quality equipment whenever needed.

Dřepovací stojan Olympic


Are you in need to expand your maximum strength of your lower body parts when exercising?
Construction of this massive machine, designed mainly for competitions of power triathlon, guarantees comfortable and ergonomic use. Equipment is made from high quality materials. Maximum load exceeds 1 000 kilos.
Squat rack Olympic is of majestic look. It can certainly become a dominant element of your fitness center and everybody will immediately recognize outstanding conditions for leg trainings.

1600 mm × 1700 mm × 2200 mm (l × w × h)
Bench Press Olympic


Bench Press Olympic is indispensable for your chest work-out training.
Thanks to its massive frame and high loading limit it guarantees maximum safety even when used frequently on professional level. Parts of its smart construction are also adjustable supportive struts and a deck for a fitness partner.
A competition version might be added with additional shoulders which allow adjusting height even when a bar is loaded.

Bench press Fitnema Olympic completely meets competition norms IFP (International Powerlifting Federation) and without any limitation it may be used during competition in power triathlon.

1800 mm × 1260 mm × 430 mm (l × w × h)
Vzpěračská platforma


Bench press Olympic is a basic machine for a quality chest work-out training. High loading limit and a massive frame guarantees safety of this machine even when frequently used by professionals. Adjustable supportive struts with a platform for a fitness partner are a matter of course. Competition version Bench press Olympic is added with additional shoulders which allow adjusting height even when a bar is loaded. Bench press Olympic by Fitnema exactly meets norms (IPF- International Powerlifting Federation) and therefore is suitable for competition in power triathlon.

3000 mm × 2000 mm × 30 mm (l × w × h)
Nakladač na osu


Fitnema Olympic Bar Loader is a smart gadget for loading weights and their fixing over the floor.
The loader manages to hold a dumbbell separately, therefore only one person manages loading of a bar. Olympic Bar Loader allows easier and more comfortable process of weight loading.

700 mm × 260 mm × 200 mm (l × w × h)

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